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It is important to make sure that pets are regularly wormed. Kittens and puppies must always be thoroughly wormed when they first arrive as roundworms are commonly present at this time. We will supply an effective wormer preparation when the initial vaccination course is given.

Once your pet starts to go outside roundworm infection may be picked up from the environment and regular treatment every 3 months is the preferred routine.

Responsible dog ownership should involve picking up and disposing of stools together with regular worming. This will mean that fewer worms contaminate the environment.

Foxes are now common visitors to our gardens. They carry many worms that can be passed on to dogs particularly and is another good reason for maintaining a regular worming schedule. If possible remove any fox droppings found around the garden.

Lungworm is a more recent problem for dogs in the UK. This worm can be transmitted to dogs if they eat slugs and snails. The worm matures inside the heart and blood vessels supplying the lungs. It can be fatal in untreated cases so prevention is important. We recommend a monthly treatment called Advocate. Further information on lungworm can be found on the link below.

Fleas are a common source of tapeworm in cats. Their fastidious grooming habits make them particularly prone. If fleas are found then it is common for the cat to also have Tapeworm. Measures to treat fleas must be undertaken as well as tapeworm dosing.

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