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Care of small pets

Selecting the small pet that's right for your home is no small feat. With all the adorably tiny options, it can be difficult to determine whether your family's new addition should have fins or fur. After all, some pets need massive amounts of care and attention, while others prefer to be left alone. It all depends on how much time and effort you're willing to put into to becoming a pet owner.

You should also consider whether you'd like the type of pet you can curl up with on the couch or prefer to watch at a distance. A little snuggling might be possible with your rabbit but it's a sure bet your hermit crab won't take the bait. There are some pets that aren't a good fit in households with pre-school children.

Use the links to find out more about these various small furry pets. The rabbit section has more detailed information about these popular pets.

Guinea Pig



Pet Rat
Pet Mouse