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Pet Euthanasia

For most of us our pets are members of the family and we understand that it is a very difficult and painful time when it comes to losing a much loved pet.

The decision of when to say farewell is one of the most difficult but will often be one of the kindest. A pet’s quality of life is ultimately what the decision is based on and our vets will give you the information and support you need to make the correct decision for your pet when the time comes. This may vary for different owners and with different circumstances. As pet owners ourselves many of us have experienced the same decision and can identify with your concerns. We are here to help and advise at this difficult time.

The procedure

Usually a small amount of hair is clipped from a forelimb and an intravenous injection is given in very much the same way as when a general anaesthetic is administered. After the injection is given consciousness is lost and within a matter of minutes the heart will stop. The vet will check the heart and vital signs for confirmation.

We endeavor to allow owners time with their pet before and after euthanasia if they wish.

Arrangements can be made to carry out euthanasia at home by contacting the surgery.

Pet crematoriums are now widely used allowing our pets to be privately cremated with ashes returned for owners to keep, bury or scatter.

It is always a painful and emotionally difficult time when a loved pet dies. Each one is unique and the love we have for them and from them leaves us knowing that they had a special place in our lives. Remember that you are not alone in your grief. Most of us who have pets have to part with them at some stage in their lives. This is never easy and sometimes it can help to talk to someone who understands.

The Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service offers emotional support and information for anyone experiencing the loss of a much-loved pet, whatever the circumstances.

The Pet Bereavement Support Service is staffed by trained volunteers who have experience of companion animal bereavement themselves and wish to support others through this difficult experience.

You can contact them by phone or email if you would like to talk about your loss with a non-judgemental, understanding volunteer.


Blue Cross

Pet Bereavement Support Service