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Preparation area

Xray facilities at The Veterinary Practice, Lewisham

The preparation area is the hub of the practice and is where many tests and investigations are carried out together with pre-surgical preparation and more minor procedures.

After your pet is admitted for an anaesthetic or surgical procedure a thorough clinical examination is carried out and if necessary blood samples may be taken for pre-operative information or for diagnostic purposes. Our vets and nurses will advise you about this on admission and you will be asked to sign a consent form for the procedure or operation to be carried out.

Pre-medication is administered when your animal is admitted for surgical or anaesthetic procedures. This has a gentle sedative effect and includes pain relief. Balanced pre-medication significantly reduces the amount of anaesthetic used so that recovery is rapid and as comfortable as possible.

Before more major surgery a catheter is often placed in a vein, usually in the fore leg, and general anaesthesia is induced with a rapid acting intravenous agent. Once the patient is asleep an endotracheal tube (breathing tube) is placed in the airway so that oxygen and anaesthetic gas can be delivered directly from the anaesthetic machine.

The surgical site is prepared by clipping hair from over and around the site to prevent contamination during the surgery. The skin is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected before any surgical procedure is performed. The patient will then be moved to the operating theatre where major sterile procedures are carried out.

Our X-ray machine is ready for use whenever the need arises and automatic processing has radiographs ready for viewing in a very short time so that rapid decisions can be made for ongoing treatment.

Dental treatment at The Veterinary Practice, Lewisham

We have a separate dental suite to perform ultra-sonic dental scaling which achieves superior cleaning and polishing equipment for the perfect finish. Our veterinary dental instrumentation allows us to deal with extractions which unfortunately are sometimes necessary when dental disease has advanced.